All movies until 4:00 pm require a discount ticket, and all movies after 4:00 PM required a regular price ticket. each theater at the movie Plex seats 98 people.what is the least number of showings the theater could have shown after 4:00 PM last Saturday? explain how you found your answer.

Accepted Solution

Answer:13 showings.Step-by-step explanation:Using the information about the question given in the comments, we know that there are 1456 tickets sold the weekend in question.  We also know that they sold 6 times as many regular price tickets as they did discount tickets.Let r represent regular price tickets and d represent discount tickets.  Since there were 6 times more regular price than discount, we getr = 6dTogether, there were 1456 tickets sold:r + d = 1456Substitute our value from the first equation into the second:6d + d = 1456Combine like terms:7d = 1456Divide both sides by 7:7d/7 = 1456/7d = 208There were 208 discount tickets sold.  This means there were 6(208) = 1248 regular price tickets sold.The regular price tickets are sold after 4:00.  There are 98 seats in each showing; this means they needed 1248/98 = 12.7 ≈ 13 showings.